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Art Deco Interior Design Style, History And Characteristics

As an entirely distinct concept within art and interior design Art Deco can be traced back to Europe in 1908. Art Deco was a movement with strong connections to France in general, and Paris in particular. Then again it is quite common for art movements and interior design schools to have links of some kind or another with Paris at some point during their lifespan.

It is a style that continues to have an influence on the interior design layout that people pick to emulate now almost as when it was in it’s heyday between 1914 to 1945. People can pick their accessories and furnishings to make the look in their house complete.

Art Deco interior design history

Art Deco itself was always likely to have a strong connection to France as it was regarded as an artistic form, which was heavily influenced by Art Noveau. The creators of Art Deco took aspects of Art Noveau and altered them to form the basis of their new concept.

A cozy family room with art deco style

Art Deco is an interior design concept that happens to promote the use of simple bold shapes, patterns, and colors yet demonstrates that it had a wide variety of influences whilst the items produced under it’s name covered an equally wide variety of designs. Over the course of time influences other than Art Noveau could be noticed in Art Deco items. Art Deco was at the height of it’s popularity from just before the start of the First World War right through to the end of the Second World War in 1945.

There were various art deco interior design characteristics that made it stand out from other forms of interior design both at it’s height of influence, and for those to recreate it’s main features now. It could be really expensive to have an Art Deco interior design in your home if you brought original objects but if you know where to look the less expensive replicas will provide you with the same effect. Ironically the mass produced Art Deco pieces of the Inter War years are considered almost antique.

Art Deco tended to feature interior design with bold colors such as black, red, chrome, and silver. Sometimes alternative colors can be substituted like beige and off white. At the moment many companies are making fittings as well as furnishings in such colors so it is relatively easy to have a retro interior design feel and look in your home.

Art Deco ended up developing an Ancient Egyptian theme not originally envisaged by any of it’s creators. This switch in aspects of the design happened as a consequence of Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of Tuthankhamen during 1922. That discovery started a global craze for Egyptian inspired home furnishings.

Luxurious dining room with art deco style

Suddenly everybody wanted something Egyptian looking decor in their homes and work places. There were images of the pyramids, mummies, and replicas of Tuthankhamen’s death mask could be found right across the World. There was a high demand for these items, and such things continued to be made so recreating this interior design look is really easy to do.

Art Deco was linked with other trends, such as what was been produced by the Hollywood film studios and the styles movie goers could see in their favorite films of the time. What all the influences on Art Deco was the rationale behind producing lamps, curtains, and other furnishings.

What made Art Deco so popular and relatively easy for many people to afford was mass production. When the movement was at it’s height records and radios became everyday objects especially in the United States. It was mass production that took Art Deco much further across the globe. After all without mass production previous trends in interior design had been more expensive as the objects were scarcer.

Getting The Art Deco Interior Design Style In Your Home

So for anyone that wants to get the the Art Deco set up and running throughout their homes it is simple to achieve. Many shops both in store and over the internet sell fittings and furnishings that fit in with the basic concepts of Art Deco. Besides the styles are really varied so there is a great deal of scope for individualism to shine through and to be readily expressed.

Spacious living room with art deco style

Part of the attraction of Art Deco was that allowed people to display their good taste, or show it off if you want to term it in a different way. Pictures and prints rather large or small were all the rage. In fact the bigger the picture the better for making the Art Deco look complete.

Whilst not everyone can get hold of pictures they are able to buy and therefore display modern day posters of the more well-known deco paintings. Such prints and posters allow you to complete the look without spending a fortune on it. Pictures, prints and posters look great on walls and really allow you to make it feel like an authentic return to the original age of Art Deco.

The best color schemes feature red, yellow, chrome, black besides silver, and often used for wall decor, curtains, and may be carpets too. The preferred floors for Art Deco interior design was wooden flooring as opposed to carpets. Of course you could place rugs on the floor, in the usual Art Deco colors to fit in with the decor on the walls.

Art Deco Styles Available For All

Parents bedroom with art deco style

Mass production is even more prevalent today than it was 80 or 90 years ago, while air travel and the internet make our world an even smaller place. All that means is that we can get anything that we want from anywhere in the world.

Female bedroom with art deco style

So if your local stores do not sell enough Art Deco style you can order it from the internet. It is all relatively cheap, and simple to make any home one totally dedicated to the image and the lifestyle.

Male bedroom with art deco style

It is easy to make your home a modern take on a classic style of the Art Deco era yet with your own individual spin on it. All in all it means that you do not have to be rich to live the lifestyle.

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