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Bedroom ideas in blue, green, pastel, pink, purple, red & yellow

Time to change your bedroom colour scheme? Here are a host of ideas and expert tips for a beautiful room revamp.

Colour can transform your bedroom, not to mention influence your mood. So, it’s time to ditch those white bedroom ideas and add some colour into your sleep space.

Not sure how to choose colours for your bedroom? Lucy Sutherland from Temple & Webster has the answers. She recommends thinking about your use of space, and says: “Bedrooms should be an area of rest and relaxation, so choosing colours that don’t create that atmosphere are a common mistake”.

Working with a smaller space that you want to keep light and spacious? Lucy suggests painting it in a “light, cool colour in shades of white, grey, soft green or blue” to keep it simple. “Remember that warm colours such as red, yellow and blue can actually make walls appear closer, and as a result, make your room feel smaller”.

To save you from Googling ‘bedroom colour images’ again, here’s a range of stylish colour schemes to inspire your bedroom makeover.

Beautiful blue bedroom ideas

Create a serene coastal-themed bedroom with a turquoise bedhead coupled with bedding in varying shades of blue. Using just one colour can be tricky; the secret is to layer different textures and materials – like velvet and linen – to avoid the bedroom looking flat.

Blue is often viewed as a calming colour, but it can be dramatic and incredibly elegant too. Opt for dark walls and contrasting fabrics for the bedhead and bed linen, and your bedroom will soon feel like a stay at a boutique hotel.

Beautiful blue bedroom design

Yellow bedroom ideas

Yellow is such a warm and happy colour, and looks great when contrasted with cool neutral tones. An easy way to include yellow in your bedroom colour scheme is to add accents of yellow with bed linen, like this bright design by Feliz Home.
Or try mellowing your yellow with a subtle piece of artwork or furniture paint

Beautiful yellow bedroom design

Pink bedroom ideas

It’s almost impossible to resist styling a little girl’s room in pink. For a contemporary edge, go for all pink bed linen – from the quilt cover to the cushions and throws – and include patterns and textures, and varying tones of pink to keep it looking fresh.

While pink bedrooms can look girly, they don’t have to be. From blush to bright fluorescents, varying tones of pink can be used to complement cool grey bedding or warm wall colours, and create a smart-looking sleep space.

If you love the Scandi aesthetic then adding pink is a great way to soften the effect.

Red is often avoided in bedroom colour schemes as it’s such a strong and powerful colour, and is generally not thought to be very calming. However, if you love red and can’t resist including it in your bedroom, try adding red accents like a throw rug or a cushion, and keep the room calm and soft with a complementary pastel pink.

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Beautiful pink bedroom design

Green bedroom ideas

Add a touch of green to your bedroom with opulent velvet bed linen, then break the rules by mixing blue and green together (without a colour in between). Opt for jewel tones like sapphire blue and emerald green for a dramatic bedroom colour scheme.

Want just a little bit of green? Try adding pops of colour with indoor plants. Jordan Christodoulou, interior stylist at Curious Grace says: “If you want your bedroom to be peaceful and relaxing, go for earthy tones. Pair a black bed frame and matching bedside table with natural coloured bed linen and add a touch of colour via some vibrant green indoor plants”.

Beautiful green bedroom design

Purple bedroom ideas

Lucy says the easiest way to add colour to your bedroom is through accessories. For a hint of purple in your bedroom try adding a striped, upholstered bedhead, like this one from Temple & Webster.

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Beautiful purple bedroom design

Pastel bedroom ideas

Pastel walls are elegant and calming, but they can feel a bit flat if the bed linen and furniture are neutral in colour. Use bright bedding and furniture, as well as patterns and textures to contrast against pastel walls and create interest and focus in the room.

Beautiful pastel bedroom design

Pastels can create a sense of whimsy, which is perfect for kids’ bedrooms, but might not be the look you’re after for a master bedroom. For a contemporary take on pastels, layer pale pink and earthy-toned bed linen.


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