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Garden Design: Connect Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Let your indoor space inspire your landscape design plans. How do you go about establishing a harmonious link between inside and outside? Think first in terms of interlocking the spaces of the garden with the spaces of the room that ...

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Small Garden Design Ideas

Don’t let size dictate style—pack a punch with your small garden. Learn ways to make your small space garden seem big.   Transform skimpy square footage into a small yard showcase with inspired small garden ideas. You can squeeze life ...

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Garden Landscaping Design Ideas

Create attractive gardens with easy garden landscaping design ideas. Whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers or both, you can create attractive gardens with these easy garden landscaping design ideas. If you’re planning to integrate your garden into an existing yard or ...

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Landscaping Design Styles

Choose a landscaping design style that matches the personality of your home. Even cacti and hardy drought-resistant plants can add color to a desert landscape. The large stone container adds seasonal color and texture to the space. If you need ...

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Four Beautiful Landscape Updates

These strategic landscaping upgrades add style to any boring front yard. If you’re looking to enhance your home’s exterior, here are four key landscaping upgrades that can increase curb appeal. Stone Walkways When you want to create an elegant walkway, ...

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Garden Design: Small Spaces

Tiny garden rule number one: Keep it simple You have to be clever with small gardens to create something simple and uncomplicated in the limited space available. A small yard is, in effect, a courtyard garden, and very different effects ...

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Garden Home Minimalist Design

Garden Home Minimalist Design – Design minimalist house today has become a trend and housing options are highly desired, and ownership minimalist house itself has a lot of people that make a house with a design that is simple but has ...

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Models of Minimalist Garden Lights

Models of Minimalist Garden Lights – Park is a vast courtyard as a means to beautify a home and children’s playground are also even decoration of garden lighting that can exist in the park. With the garden as the house ...

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Minimalist Design Front Garden Beautiful

Minimalist Design Front Garden Beautiful – The house has a minimalist yet have sufficient space and appear cool and beautiful is the dream of every person, and certainly now houses as many who want it. No need to make magnificent ...

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