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Modern Building Styles

At the peak of the Period Revival’s popularity, the American public received a glimpse of a new kind of architecture, an architecture that rejected historicism. The new architecture, as it was called by its European pioneers, soon became known in ...

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Art Deco Vs. Art Moderne

The Difference Between Two Often Confused Styles The term Art Deco is often applied to furniture from the 1920s through the 1940s. So is the term Art Moderne. Understanding the difference between the two isn’t always easy – especially since, ...

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Modern Style vs. Contemporary Style

Modern Style vs. Contemporary Style : What’s the Difference? If you’ve been around the design scene for any time at all, you’ve no doubt heard the words “contemporary” and “modern” used often enough to describe architecture, furniture, and overall home style ...

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Modern Homes the Use Grey for a Calming Effect

A home is a reflection of the occupant’s personality. Even in a rental space, the furniture, textiles, and lights are choices that make a difference in how the space and the occupant are perceived. Color is a huge part of ...

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Affordable Modern House Design

Modern house design is not only popular — but can be affordable too. We love modern house design, especially SIMPLE modern design, but not because it’s trendy, in style, or because all the cool kids are doing it. We don’t ...

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Indonesia’s Cool “Yankee” Architecture

Indonesia’s Cool “Yankee” Architecture – A Jengki revival is underway. However, this colourful mid-century modern style–like the 1950s era that spawned it–remains obscure. My work on the Retronesia project has been a journey through time to the darker edges of ...

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